Usher’s shirtless Super Bowl Halftime Show prompts 1 hilarious Manu Ginobili wish

Besides the football, plenty of fans also tune in to the Super Bowl to watch the highly-anticipated halftime show. Every year, the NFL brings in Hollywood’s biggest music stars for star-studded live performances. It was Usher’s turn to be given the spotlight, as the R&B star performed several of his biggest hits from the past two decades. At one point during his set, Usher was visibly shirtless, which went viral on social media.

Usually at 45 years old, not a lot of people have the best physiques. Usher, however, showed the entire world that he still hits the gym on the regular.

Among those who witnessed the performance was Manu Ginobili. The former NBA star seemed to be amazed at Usher’s muscular body, which prompted a hilarious tweet from his end.

“In a few years when I turn 45 I would love to be buffed like Usher,” Ginobili said, via X (Twitter)

He then went on to add another joking tweet about having an intact hairline.

Ginobili is already 46 years old, but still, it may be possible for him to achieve Usher’s physique with continuous weight training and a healthy diet. The Argentinian’s hairline, however, might be too far from saving

Throughout Ginobili’s career, one humorous topic that fans continuously brought up was the shooting guard’s hair loss. Entering the league, Manu had shoulder-length wavy hair. As time passed on, the length of his hair notably shrunk. By the twilight of Ginobili’s career, it was clear that his long hair would only live on in pictures and memories.

Still, it’s good to see that the four-time NBA champion also finds humor in the entire ordeal.




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