Tyson Fury vocal on tough fight vs. Francis Ngannou, 3rd-round knockdown that stunned fans

Tyson Fury won a contested decision against former UFC champion Francis Ngannou in a boxing-MMA crossover fight that shocked fans due to Ngannou’s insane third round knockout.

Fight fans reacted to the decision with a series of focused takes on X. A large number of them thought that Ngannou was robbed after the final verdict was handed down.

The 35-year-old British legend Fury reacted to the decision win over the 37-year-old Ngannou afterward.

“Listen he was very awkward,’ Fury said, describing the unorthodox Ngannou style that was honed through countless hours in the gym with Mike Tyson. “He’s a good fighter. Probably one of my toughest fights in the last ten years.”

Many fans were not happy with the result and responded to the video post on X.

“Sure doesn’t sound like a guy who just won the fight,” another fan added.

Fury was knocked down by an overhand left from Ngannou that few boxing or MMA fans saw coming.

Ngannou kept his chin up after the match. He sounded like a man dead set on winning the heavyweight title in boxing and many fans of box major combat sports now believe he has the experience and the talent to do it.

Fans could not stop talking about the match afterward. On an evening that most thought would become an easy, not-so-memorable victory for the British boxing legend, Ngannou showed his chops and did the best he could en route to a narrow split decision loss.

The legendary boxer and pre-fight trainer of Ngannou also reacted ringside as shown in the video clip below.

Eminem and WWE legend Vince McMahon were among those flanking the legendary boxer in the stands, taking it all in.


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