Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift romance draws hilariously blunt take from Chiefs fan Morgan Freeman

Renowned actor and producer Morgan Freeman is a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan. But while he is updated on everything about the team, just don’t ask him about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship.

Freeman doesn’t care about the players’ off-field life and relationships. He only wants to watch football, and he doesn’t mind other people’s business beyond that. As long as he gets to watch Kansas City win and Patrick Mahomes deliver a spectacle day in and day out, that is more than enough for him.

The veteran actor made that abundantly clear in a recent interview when asked about his Chiefs fandom and Kelce and Swift’s budding relationship, saying: “I don’t think about them at all.”

“It’s great to watch Pat run, you know? He’s got a rifle for an arm. So, that’s what I’m interested in,” Freeman added.

To be fair, Morgan Freeman is pretty much like most Chiefs fans. Ever since Travis Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift has been publicized, their romance has often overshadowed the game itself. The NFL has also taken advantage of it, frequently showing Swift and her reactions whenever she watches Kansas City’s games.

While a lot of fans are annoyed by the fact that the NFL is milking the trend, it doesn’t look like Freeman is affected by it. He simply doesn’t care, so long the Chiefs are winning.

Kansas City itself doesn’t seem to mind, especially with the numbers showing that Kelce plays better with Swift in attendance. Even Andy Reid gave his stamp of approval since he has seen the Swift effect on his tight end.

Maybe we’ll be able to see Freeman watch a Chiefs game live along with Swift? Who knows, but it’s possible.


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