Titans WR DeAndre Hopkins breaks silence on trade rumors with deadline looming

The Tennessee Titans have been swirling around the rumor mill since trading away star safety Kevin Byard. Many have DeAndre Hopkins and Derrick Henry as top targets for opposing teams, but it’s still not clear if the franchise deals them away.

For the most part, DeAndre Hopkins has been relatively quiet about the trade rumors. However, he was finally asked about it and the Titans’ star is more interested in focusing on the season at hand for Tennessee.

When asked, Hopkins had a simple statement. “I do my job when my number’s called. And I’m a Tennessee Titan,” per team reporter Turron Davenport. He also had a short response when asked about the Titans trading Kevin Byard. “It’s football. It’s business.”

Tennessee is set to face off against the Atlanta Falcons in what is a pivotal game for the franchise. Will Levis was recently named the starter with Ryan Tannehill out with an injury.

Considering the Titans look like a bottom-five team so far, making more trades could be in the works for the front office. The trade deadline is at 4 pm Eastern on Oct. 31. So, Tennessee will be able to conduct trade talks until then.

With that said, DeAndre Hopkins should be involved in rumors for the next several days alongside teammate Derrick Henry. The result of the game against the Falcons very well could seal the fate for both superstars.

Keep an eye on the Titans for now, as this is a franchise who isn’t shy to trade away superstar talent.



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