Sixers SF Kelly Oubre Jr. hilariously chirps court side fans during loss to Bucks

The Philadelphia 76ers opened up the season with a buzzer-beater loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. Even so, Kelly Oubre Jr. found a way to have some fun in the middle of the game.

During the contest, there was a moment where the Bucks were in-bounding the ball and Oubre had a chance to talk smack with some fans. It seemed to be friendly, although, it’s not exactly clear what the fans said for Oubre to begin bantering with them.

Even so, the Sixers forward hit them with a hilarious line, asking, “What you doing? You scamming? How did you get those seats?” Here’s the full statement Kelly Oubre Jr. made in the middle of the game.

Does it even matter what the fan(s) said? That’s just a great clap back from Oubre. What makes it even better was that the Bucks and Sixers were beginning the in-bound play while he was talking.

And he’s lucky Damian Lillard just stood still. There were a couple moments where Lillard could’ve run off and gotten open quickly, which is what he basically doing the whole game anyway.

But although the Bucks got the win, Kelly Oubre Jr. was able to play a large role for the Sixers after recording 27 points, and four rebounds. The Sixers are going to need that type of production from Oubre especially with everything going on with James Harden.

Philadelphia will face off against the Toronto Raptors on Saturday in what should be a fun matchup. Perhaps they can get back in the win column with a big performance.


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