Rival coach hits Michigan football where it hurts over sign-stealing scandal ‘paper trail’

The Michigan football sign-stealing investigation broke just a little over a week ago, and none of the information that has trickled out since then has made the Wolverines look all that innocent. Despite a parade of denials about Connor Stalions’ involvement with the Michigan football program or its players, or Jim Harbaugh’s insistence that he knew nothing about what Stalions was doing, it’s becoming increasingly clear that this was a major operation that the Wolverines had been running, even including scouts who were not specifically affiliated with the program.

On Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff pre-game show today, Bruce Feldman of Fox and The Athletic shared the latest on what he’s been hearing regarding the investigation into the Michigan football program, including a scalding hot take from a Group of 5 head coach who couldn’t believe the “sheer stupidity” of the Michigan Wolverines staff.

Bruce Feldman did the rounds, conducted his interviews, and then showed up on Big Noon Kickoff ready to come off the top rope and deliver an elbow drop to the heart of the Michigan football program like he was Macho Man Randy Savage and the Wolverines were Ted Dibiase.

So now the question is, where does Michigan go from here? The Wolverines are on a bye this week, and then they return next week to host the Purdue Boilermakers because they go on the road to face the Penn State Nittany Lions. But questions about the Wolverines obviously extend beyond the field. Will this developing and damning investigation have any impact on their involvement in the College Football Playoff? What will be the eventual punishment the program receives? And at what point will Jim Harbaugh have to come out and say he not only knew about the sign-stealing Stalions, but also at minimum partially responsible for it?


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