Rece Davis comments on Lee Corso missing ESPN College GameDay

Waking up on a Saturday morning and turning on College GameDay should be as routine as brushing your teeth. The legendary crew with Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstreit, and Lee Corso gives fans a reason to celebrate before kickoff. Corso has been on this panel since the inauguration of the show in 1987. He’s now the oldest TV personality in college football at 88 years old.

In the past few years, Corso’s health has come into question by fans and media personalities, with his speech and energy slowly declining. Corso missed time on the show last season due to health concerns, but host Rece Davis of College GameDay wanted to be clear that his absence in Week 9 has nothing to do with his health.

College GameDay, glad to have you with us. Rece Davis along with Kirk Herbstreit, Pat McAfee, and Desmond Howard. Lee Corso, not with us this week… I want to reassure you, his health is good. Lee feels fine. He just had a family matter that required his attention, said Davis.

“We know he’s locked in on the show because he already stole my preferred Super Dog,” per Steve Samra of On3 Sports.

The CollegeGameday crew is currently in Salt Lake City for a matchup between the No. 13 Utah Utes and No. 8 Oregon Ducks. Since this isn’t a health concern, Corso should be back on the show next week, but further updates will likely come from Corso and the CollegeGameday staff. It may be something to monitor given Corso’s recent history.




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