ProVision Foldable 4K HD Camera Drone is 36% off

TL;DR: This drone has a 4K camera, built-in obstacle avoidance, and hand gesture controls, and through October 31st, it’s only $69.97 — that’s 36% off its retail price!

Let’s face it. Creating online content that truly ‘wows’ your followers is a challenge. Once upon a time, a pet or funny video would go viral, but today’s audiences expect far more. One thing that might impress them is drone footage.

Drones can cost an arm and a leg, but if you don’t need a super fancy model, this ProVision drone with a 4K camera is an affordable option, now only $69.97 (reg. $109.99) with our massive holiday sale running through October 31st. Get it for yourself or as a gift!

Since the ProVision is limited when compared to high-tech models, it has features excellent for beginner users. A one-click takeoff and return function makes getting into the air as simple as the push of a button. As you fly, an intelligent obstacle avoidance system helps you avoid walls, trees, or other objects that might be in your way.

What’s cool about the ProVision is you can control it with the remote or connect your phone to draw a flight path. When paired with the, you’ll also be able to see through the 4K camera in real time and take pictures and videos — like your next viral TikTok! Another sweet feature? Show the camera hand gestures to take hands-free images.

Wondering what types of videos you could make with the ProVision? Try action shots of your dog, aerial travel videos, nature footage, DIY tutorials, cityscape time-lapses, or whatever your imagination desires!

Not a content creator? Aero Corner lists other fun and practical uses like drone racing, creating a DIY obstacle course, or checking your roof or gutters for damage or debris. It’s cheesy, but the sky really is the limit for possibilities. 

Soar high with the ProVision 4K camera drone, now just $69.97 (reg. $109.99) through October 31st at 11:59 p.m. PT. No coupon needed to secure this deal!

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