Patrick Mahomes drops truth bomb on Chiefs dynasty after Super Bowl repeat

Patrick Mahomes walked the talk. Now, he’s ready to continue it.

The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champions once again, and for those hoping to topple them from their throne, Patrick Mahomes has a rather savage message for them: they can’t.

In a confident speech after repeating as Super Bowl winners, Mahomes told their rivals, haters and everyone else that their dynasty is just getting started. With that said, the superstar QB emphasized that they are far from satisfied with their third ring in the last five years.

We’re not done. We’ve got a young team, we’re gonna keep this thing going,” Mahomes exclaimed after the win when asked if they are a dynasty now.

Chiefs fans will definitely be pleased with that message from Patrick Mahomes. Who doesn’t want to win more anyway? Prior to the game, Mahomes declared that they would be a “dynasty” after Super Bowl 58, and he definitely lived up to that statement.

The Chiefs have now cemented their status as the best team of the decade, and they now have a legitimate chance to match what the Tom Brady-led New England Patriots accomplished in the early 2000s to the late 2010s.

There are no lies with what Mahomes said as well. While they could lose some players in the offseason and free agency, there is no denying that they are set for the future with the core that they currently have.

Of course next season would be a huge challenge for the Chiefs, especially with bigger targets on their backs. Nonetheless, as what Mahomes and Co. proved in the 2023 season, they know how to win on the biggest stage even if they are considered as underdogs or whatever adversity they face.


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