Pac-12 referees make most bizarre halftime ruling you’ll ever see in USC-Cal game

Pac-12 referees made the most bizarre ruling you’ll ever see in a football game during halftime of the USC-California contest, one that left Golden Bears head coach Justin Wilcox fuming. The Pac-12 referees, who have drawn their fair share of criticism over the years, somehow ended up deciding to finish the second quarter after halftime. Yes, you read that correctly.

Allow me to explain. On 3rd and 11 from the Cal 45-yard line with 12 seconds left on the clock, USC football quarterback Caleb Williams completed a pass to Lake McRee for 29 yards, seemingly running out the clock and ending the first half.

But referees huddled during halftime and somehow decided that there should have been one second left on the clock in the second quarter. That resulted in a comical tweet from the USC football account, which said “USC will have the ball to officially conclude the 2nd quarter when we return from halftime.”

The decision left California football coach Justin Wilcox absolutely furious– for good reason- as he could be seen getting in the face of the referees.

It’s so bizarre that one would think it had to be made up. But it’s not. And it got even better.

When the two teams returned from halftime, USC football, which had the ball at the Cal 16-yard line, attempted a field goal to end the second quarter when the teams returned from halftime.

The Trojans missed the kick, a gift-wrapped opportunity at three points from the Pac-12, and the second half resumed. This must be the first time in recorded history that the second quarter ended after halftime.

And it might not be the most bizarre thing to happen at the USC-California football game.


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