Mike Tyson’s true feelings on Francis Ngannou robbery buzz after Tyson Fury win

The buzz around the fight world is that Francis Ngannou was robbed after the judges ruled in favor of Tyson Fury. Despite it technically being a loss for Ngannou, nearly everyone is more than impressed with the former UFC champ’s efforts. But nobody was more impressed than boxing legend Mike Tyson.

With that said, Mike Tyson, who helped train Francis Ngannou for this fight, opened up about the end results of the bout. The former heavyweight knockout king seemed thrilled with Ngannou’s performance, according to Mike Bohn of MMA Junkies.

When asked if he thought Francis Ngannou was robbed, Mike Tyson claimed, “No. It wasn’t a robbery. But everybody knows the outcome.”

Mike Tyson might be one of the few people on the planet that doesn’t think Ngannou was robbed. But hey, he’s a boxing legend, so his opinion holds more weight than most. Regardless, it’s cool to see Tyson celebrating with Ngannou despite the result not going in his favor.

Francis Ngannou was spectacular throughout the bout. Round three was the highlight of the night as Ngannou knocked Tyson Fury down. It’s safe to say Mike Tyson showed him how to use his power in the boxing ring.

With that said, we may see these two in the boxing ring again at some point down the road. First, Fury may partake in a bout against Oleksandr Usyk where fight fans are hopeful takes place in December.

Additionally, Ngannou will go back to the octagon next thanks to his contract with the PFL. Depending on how things play out, Ngannou and Fury could fight again at some point in 2024. If so, sign me up immediately!


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