JJ Watt reacts to memes about his haircut on Super Bowl 58 CBS broadcast

JJ Watt got clowned.

The San Francisco 49ers needed everyone to win Super Bowl 58. Kyle Shanahan lost Deebo Samuel and Jauan Jennings. Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs took advantage to notch start a dynasty. However, this was not the main focus of the football fans. One broadcaster who is an NFL great stole the show. He goes by the name of JJ Watt.

The NFL legend immediately went to X such that he could address the crazy hair that he is donning for Super Bowl 58.

“You ever switch up your hair and wonder if anyone will notice? They notice,” Watt said.

Some fans were quick to point out how his hair is throwback-ish, “Usher JJ and Watt’s hair.  Bringing us back to middle school.”

Statements like, “Watt headed to prom 2002 after this,” and “Did Watt get a job as the lead singer of Sugar Ray?” were also thrown around. Everyone, whether they were part of the Chiefs Kingdom or a member of the 49ers faithful, got in on the fun and laughed at Watt’s hairdo during the Super Bowl 58 broadcast.

Other avid viewers of the sport were also quick to blast his stylist. This prompted creative jokes like “JJ Watt: “I want to do something different with my hair for the Super Bowl” His stylist: “I got you….,” and, Barber: so what kind of haircut you want? JJ Watt: just f*** me up fam.”

There may be a lot of animosity whenever the big game is on. People may also not like the new Chiefs dynasty with Patrick Mahomes. But, it is fun to see people come together.



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