Jeff Fisher watches HBCU Football because of Eddie George, chose it over the NFL

Eddie George’s coaching tenure at Tennesee State University caused his former Titans head coach Jeff Fisher to become a fan of HBCU football. The Tennessean published a feature article written by Mike Organ entitled, “Eddie George’s TSU success no shock for Jeff Fisher, ex-Tennessee Titans teammates” that outlines the support that his former teammates and head coach have for his coaching journey.

The article chronicles how Fisher served as a senior advisor to George during his first year with the Tigers. Fisher departed the staff in 2021 but his son Brandon Fisher still serves as defensive coordinator for George.

Although Fisher is no longer coaching at Tennesee State, he still has a vested interest in HBCU football. According to a quote obtained by Organ, he chose to watch HBCU football over NFL football. Fisher was one of the many who tuned into the MEAC Thursday Night primetime game between Davius Richard and the red-hot North Carolina Central Eagles vs. the stout defense of Morgan State.

“This past Thursday there was a lot of stuff going on on television, with Thursday Night Football and all that’s going on in the Middle East and all kinds of things. But I went to HBCU television and watched North Carolina Central and Morgan State. I’m drawn to it just because of this,” Fisher told Organ.

Fisher’s quote in the article highlights the interesting drawing power of HBCU football. George and the pageantry of Tennesee State introduced him to the HBCU football realm and he continues to partake in the viewing and cultural experience.

Although the game didn’t get the viewership that many HBCU supporters and prognosticators expected during its broadcast on ESPNU, Fisher’s comments remind us of the importance of easy access to HBCU sports.




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