Jalen Brunson hit with NBA fine over flopping job vs. Hawks

The NBA is apparently keeping a close eye on Jalen Brunson of the New York Knicks. The point guard was called for a flopping-inspired technical foul in Friday night’s game against the Atlanta Hawks and he was fined $2,000 for the act.

The Knicks managed to come away with a 126-120 victory over the Hawks, and Brunson finished as the Knicks leading scorer with 31 points in the game. However, he had also been called for a flopping-related technical in the New York season opener against the Boston Celtics.

While Brunson can’t be thrilled with the fine, he was sensational in the win over the Hawks. He connected on a career-best 8 three-pointers in the game, taking an advantage of an Atlanta defense that gave him plenty of room to measure the shots and exploit his opponents.

“If the ball is in the paint and everyone is making plays, we have a lot of guys to attack and create for themselves,” Brunson said. “A lot of people draw a lot of attention, so when we play off each other it makes life a lot easier.”

While Brunson had a night to remember in the win over the Hawks, it did not carry over to the start of their Saturday night game against the New Orleans Pelicans. The Knicks fell behind by 18 points at halftime and Brunson missed all 4 of the shots he took from the field.

Jalen Brunson is clearly one of the key players for the Knicks. He averaged 24.0 points for New York a year ago, his first season with the team after 4 seasons with the Dallas Mavericks.



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