Eagles’ Jason Kelce hints at potential retirement after 2023 season

Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce knows himself that his NFL career is ending soon. He admitted as much in a recent interview, even indicating that he is ready to embrace retirement.

When discussing his endeavors off the field–including his podcast with his brother, Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce–the Eagles center was asked if he’s spreading himself too thin with his busy schedule. In response, Kelce admitted that it is indeed a lot. However, as a family, they justified the decision by highlighting the fact that his American football career isn’t going to be forever.

Kelce is already 35 years old and into his 13th season in the NFL, and he understands very well where he’s at in his career.

“I think it is a lot, and I think the way we’ve justified it as a family is this [playing football] is going to be over pretty soon here. If it’s this year, which it very well could be, we want to make sure that we’re ready to go when football’s done,” Kelce explained on The NFL Report with Steve Wyche and James Palmer.

Jason Kelce is clearly preparing for life after football. While he might be biting off more than he can chew, the fact is he wants to also set himself up even in his post-playing career. And doing so while he’s still at the height of his popularity is certainly a good move, albeit with some sacrifices involved.

If the 2023 season is indeed Kelce’s final year in the NFL, he is on the right path to ending it with a bang. The Eagles are currently at the top of the NFL with a 6-1 record and well poised to make a run for the Super Bowl once again.



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