Dwight Howard shuts down sexuality question after lawsuit

Dwight Howard is known as one of the greatest centers to ever play in the NBA. He’s been trending for non-basketball related reasons over the past week though.

Howard is facing a lawsuit from a man who claims the former All-Star sexually assault him. Howard, however, denied the allegation and said he had “consensual sexual activity” with the man.

Dwight Howard also wants the lawsuit to be dismissed. Although the sexual allegation is obviously serious, many fans have focused on the fact that the encounter involved another man. Howard was asked if he is gay during a recent interview, per DJ Akademiks.

Dwight Howard isn’t discussing his sexuality

“Me personally, I don’t give a f**k. But they say this is the safest time, are you gay bro?” the interviewer asked Howard.

Howard, though, wanted no part of the question and quickly shut it down.

“Is this what you want to talk about?” Howard responded. “What I do in my personal life is nobody’s f**king business. It’s nobody’s business. If you inquiring, why?”

In the end, this is Dwight Howard’s personal business. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but Howard doesn’t need to answer these kinds of questions if he doesn’t want to.

There remains an ongoing investigation in regards to the sexual assault accusation and lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Howard is focused on his basketball career. He attempted to return to the NBA and even landed a tryout with the Golden State Warriors. Golden State did not end up signing him though.



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