Deion Sanders gets 100% honest on ‘expectations’ around Colorado football

It’s no secret that Deion Sanders has transformed Colorado football this season, putting them on the map across the nation and bringing a ton of popularity to the program in Boulder. But, despite the Buffaloes already surpassing their win total from last year, Sanders isn’t satisfied. 4-3 is far from good enough and in his eyes, they haven’t exceeded expectations.

“My expectations are lofty. So you know dern well how the season’s going with my expectations,” Sanders said during his press conference this week, via On3 Sports. “It depends on your expectations. You can’t mix my expectations and your expectations, because they don’t coincide.

“You know what [my expectations] are,” Sanders added. “I know where I feel like we should be record wise and I know what we can accomplish. I just wanna put it all together one game and give it to you and display it.”

That’s a valid point from Primetime. His expectations are far different than the media or the sportsbooks for example, who had Colorado’s win total at 3.5. While we’ve seen some clear moments of brilliance from the Buffs, most notably from quarterback Shedeur Sanders, their defense has been rather terrible, allowing far too many points.

The Buffaloes were blown out of the water by Bo Nix and Oregon while giving up a 29-0 lead to Stanford and ultimately losing in two overtimes. That’s not the makings of a top program and Sanders knows that.

On a more positive note, it’s clear he’s already made quite a difference and it’s only Year 1. The best is surely yet to come. Don’t expect Deion Sanders to ever be satisfied, though. Winners never are.


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