David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez disagree on Rangers home concerns vs. Diamondbacks

The World Series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Texas Rangers features two teams that have already played remarkable baseball in the postseason just to get to the Fall Classic. Both teams have upset more highly touted opponents to get to the sport’s biggest event. Prior to the start of Game 1 at Texas, Fox analysts David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez disagreed on how the World Series would play out.


Ortiz, the greatest clutch hitter in Boston Red Sox postseason history, thought the Diamondbacks would gain the edge because a potential of 4 games will be played at Globe Life Field, home to the Rangers.

“What concerns me, once again, is Texas not winning at home,” David Ortiz said on the Fox pregame show. “Being said, I gotta go Diamondbacks in seven.”

In the American League Championship Series, the Rangers won all 4 games they played in Houston, but the Astros won the 3 games that were played in the Rangers home ball park.

Rodriguez was not worried about the Rangers inability to win at home in the ALCS. He disagreed with his former rival, even though he has great respect for the way the Diamondbacks compete.

“The world has no idea how good this Diamondbacks team is, they’re gonna find out,” Rodriguez said. “But because the Rangers are at home, I’m gonna go Rangers in seven.”

Rodriguez had company in his belief that the Rangers would come out with the victory in the 2023 World Series. Derek Jeter, his former teammate on the New York Yankees, also sided with the Rangers, saying Texas would take the World Series in 6 games.


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