Bulls’ Alex Caruso gets his flowers from DeMar DeRozan after wild game-winner vs Raptors

Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso played hero on Friday night against the Toronto Raptors, draining a game-winning corner triple in the dying seconds of overtime. But following the team’s first victory, DeMar DeRozan was quick to praise Caruso’s phenomenal defense, which is the No. 1 reason he’s made a name for himself across the Association.

Via KC Johnson:

“His IQ defensively, his instincts, it’s amazing to watch. It’s kind of like letting a Cheetah out of the cage and just running wild,” DeMar DeRozan said. “He makes it look pretty.”

Billy Donovan also had nothing but good things to say about Caruso’s numerous defensive stops:

“Alex guarded, like, four people on some possessions. He’s shutting off a drive and then the ball gets thrown over there and he cuts over there. It was unbelievable what he did physically.”

Alex Caruso finished the game with 13 points and 13 rebounds, including six offensive boards. As per usual, the former Laker locked it down and made the Raps’ life a living hell with his gritty, in-your-face defense. There’s a reason he was on the All-Defense First Team in 2022-23.

Hitting a three to win it for the Bulls was great, but Caruso confirmed his goal is always to get under the opponent’s skin with his relentlessness on the opposite end of the floor:

“It might be an innate thing that I just have this ability to see what stuff is going on,” Caruso said. “It’s winning time. Doing all the little things to make sure you can steal possessions. For me late in games, it’s focusing on opportunities to steal possessions and create chaos.”

Alex Caruso is undoubtedly the type of player every team wants on their roster but hates facing. Chicago is surely glad he’s on their side.


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