Braves’ Ronald Acuna Jr. trolls Phillies for loss to Diamondbacks with Twitter like

The Philadelphia Phillies’ choke job in the 2023 NLCS has made them the clowns of the baseball world leading into the World Series. The Arizona Diamondbacks fighting off an 0-2 and 2-3 series deficits while the Phillis’ star-studded lineup shrunk has welcomed jokes and teases from everyone, even Ronald Acuña Jr.

Acuña, whose Atlanta Braves were again bested by the Phillies in four games in the NLDS, gave a like to a tweet/X post that poked fun at this iteration of the Phillies not having won it all. (The post is incorrect as the Phils do have an NL pennant from last year, but the point still stands). Acuña even liked the tweet pointing out that he liked the tweet, a rare double-down.

Now, yes, the Braves did win a title as recently as two years ago and while Acuña didn’t play in their successful World Series conquest due to a torn ACL he sustained during the regular season, he has helped make the team very successful over his career.

But oh boy is it RICH seeing that take backed up by a guy who did not play a second of the postseason in which the Braves won it all. The Braves fan who posted the original tweet would have been way better off using a picture of someone like Eddie Rosario or Jorge Soler. Those guys and the rest of the Atlanta team have the right to boast. For Acuña, it comes off as tone-deaf.

Atlanta had a 40-40 record in the games Acuña started that season and went on to win the whole thing thanks to their huge acquisitions at the trade deadline. Imagine Drew Bledsoe boasting about the New England Patriots winning Super Bowl 36 or Carson Wentz boasting about the Philadelphia Eagles winning 52.

Also, Acuña can get his jabs in at the Phillies for their epic failure — they deserve to be ridiculed for how they folded — but it shouldn’t be lost on him that he’s 0-2 against them in the playoffs and has routinely stunk it up. Perhaps if he did better than post a .663 OPS in his 34 plate appearances against them over the last two postseasons, he could have helped the Braves win another one.

Again, yes, Acuña’s talent has helped the Braves become one of baseball’s premier teams. But that World Series ring is simply something he was there for, not something he won.


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